Best Solar Ovens: Sun Ovens Cook and Bake with the Power of the Sun

Solar ovens, including the best Solar ovens come in a variety of styles, sizes and price ranges so you can choose the perfect product for your needs, whether they consist of preparing for an emergency or eating healthy on frequent camping trips.

These energy efficient appliances are lightweight, easy to transport and require minimal storage space, all of which make them a convenient means of cooking on the go or when outdoors. Those who choose to go green are also turning to this method of preparing meals because it does not waste energy or create pollution.

One of the Best Solar Ovens: Sport Solar Oven

One of the most popular of the best solar ovens currently on the market is the Sport Solar Oven, as many retailers now have this item on backorder. This particular model can cook a variety of foods and allows you to prepare them in almost any way, as you can bake chicken, stew meat, boil pasta, sauté shrimp or steam broccoli. You can also make all of these dishes without having to add additional water, a conservative survival feature during an emergency and an eco-friendly one when used on a daily basis.

This specific design also means your meals are healthier because the water is not diluting or metabolizing all the nutrients. You are also not losing the taste of the dish because the flavors retain their potency with less water and are under the consistent temperature range of 210-260 degrees. In essence, this solar oven works very much like a slow cooker but instead of plugging it in, you just attach the reflector, face it towards the sun and let it become toasty warm and delicious.

Another convenient feature about Sport Solar Ovens is that they can hold two pots, each three and a half quarts, at the same time so you may prepare your meat and vegetables separate or make two meals at one time, since they take longer than usual to thoroughly cook. This oven is also resistant to harsh weather conditions, said to last a long time and is stable when used in areas with typical winds. For just around $200, you not only receive the solar oven, but also the two pots, the reflector, a thermometer, water pasteurization indicator, user guide and a recipe book.

Another of the Best Solar Ovens: Sun Oven

One of the main differences between the Sun Oven and the Sport Solar Oven is temperature, as the Sun model can cook your food at 360-400 degrees and still does not burn the food, even if you forget to stir while cooking. It also comes with a spill proof leveling mechanism, a how-to video for those that need or prefer a visual and a cooking guide, as well as recipes.

The combination bundle also provides you with some other essential cooking tools, such as a baking set, three stackable dehydrating racks and a roll of parchment paper, which you may use to dry meats or produce, thus enhancing their shelf-life and retaining sustenance when you have a limited food supply.

Although some of the other solar ovens have a price tag lower than the Sun Oven, you need to determine the cost-savings with regard to the extra food preparation items and the visual guide that you receive, making the price tag of around $320 fairly reasonable. Additionally, this model comes with a guide that answers questions many consumers have and it even advises you as to the type of cookware you should use with any solar oven, which is black enamel.

These two best solar ovens are quite similar in design and function but they also have significant differences. Consumers who bought these products gave them five stars, which suggests that the items are equal in quality and performance and that the variations have more to do with personal preference or cost than superiority. If you are shopping around for one of the best solar ovens, whether for recreation, emergency purposes or to be eco-friendly, consider these two options, make a choice and get cooking!

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