Best Home Security System

Opinions on the best home security system will differ depending on the user’s needs and where they live. The first step in choosing a system is to read reviews and get recommendations from people you know. With the information you receive you can narrow down the companies or systems you want to consider installing. The reasons why you need a system will play a significant role in the selection process. For many persons, the crime statistics in their neighborhood is a main motivator.

Choosing a System

If you are looking for the best home security system, you need to select one that serves more than one purpose. So when reading reviews and asking questions, some things to keep in mind are:

  • The reputation of the company you will be getting the unit from: Some companies have a better reputation in the industry than others. Check to ensure that the company has the proper license and do your research to find out if there are any complaints against them.
  • Is the setup wireless: This will help determine what devices you can use with the system.
  • Does the system allow monitoring: This is important as it makes no sense to have the best home security system and no one is aware if there is a break-in. In most cases, this will be the responsibility of the company responsible for installation, but some also alert the police and the fire department if necessary.
  • Is the system able to detect more than one type of threat? A good security set-up will not just monitor and detect a potential break in but can also alert homeowners if there is a fire.
  • Is the system able to work even if there is a power cut: This is an important consideration as during a disaster there may be no electricity. A system that uses battery power or solar power or that has a backup power source is always the best choice.

Levels of Security

Another feature of the best home security system is that it should offer at least two levels of security. These are:

Motion Detector

Detect movement by way of a motion sensor.

The use of motion sensor detectors is an important part of any home protection system. In many cases, this is the first defense against intrusion, as the unit will alert homeowners or the monitoring company of movement in and around the home. Some will turn on lights during the night which can act as a deterrent to anyone planning on breaking in.

Some also use glass break detection so that an alarm goes off if a window or glass is cut or broken. This is especially important for homes with many possible entrance points.

Sound an Alarm

Noise serves more than one purpose for security considerations. It can scare off potential criminals and alert neighbors and homeowners that something is not right. This usually results in a quick response from emergency services.

The more technologically advanced the better in some cases, as these types can allow monitoring over the Internet or can send signals to your Smartphone. Professional burglars know how to disconnect alarms, so the unit should be complicated enough to make this difficult. The system should offer many levels of protection so that it will quickly detect any attempt to tamper with it.

Of course, false alarms are common so the security features should include pet immune components. These devices are able to differentiate between the movement of an animal using the height and mass of the moving object. Since many homes also have children, a good company will provide guidance on where to position the devices for maximum effect.

When looking for the best home security system for your home or business, do not use cost as the main factor. Also, bear in mind that many insurance companies will lower your premium if your home has one of these security systems in place. Any good protection system will offer many benefits in addition to peace of mind.

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