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Determining the best guard dogs is not as easy a task as it may seem, as you need to consider many factors but also eliminate stereotypes. You also need to analyze which qualities make for a good guard dog, not an attack dog because they are quite different. Your role in training the dog you choose is another key element to the type of dog they become and how well they perform.


When selecting a guard dog, you want to make sure you choose from breeds that tend to have certain qualities. For instance, you are not going to opt for a breed that stops growing at nine inches high, is lazy, known for health problems or has a bad temperament.

Instead, you are going to want the type of dog that is obedient, strong, active, healthy and friendly. A friendly dog is not going to attack strangers or people it does not like, whereas an attack dog is simply going to go after anyone and have little to no self-control so yes, you want a breed that is friendly.

Training the Best Guard Dogs

Even the best guard dogs need training because none of them are born knowing to go to the bathroom outside or to trust people. You need to create a bond with your dog, as trust is key to your dog's training, performance, loyalty and temperament. Be consistent, know when to give rewards and be thorough so that your dog knows your expectations and you train him or her the way you want, as trying to fix mistakes later is going to be difficult, if not impossible. 

Try to keep your dog outside so it becomes accustomed to the smells, weather and noises of nature. Do running exercises with him or her, not only to keep it healthy and in shape, but also so it is in the habit of chasing things, like other animals since it is likely your dog is going to have to get its own meals, and possibly yours, at some point. Remember, dogs do have natural instincts but like people, they are less wild and more tame so you need to bring out their instincts to remind them of how to survive.


No one can tell you which are the best guard dogs for you, as sometimes it is not the breed, but the dog and your connection that makes it so great. However, you may want to consider some of the following:

  • Bernese Mountain
  • German Shepherd
  • Bull Mastiff
  • Boxer
  • Akita
  • Airedale Terrier
  • Doberman
  • Rottweiler
  • Pitbull
  • Mixed breed

These dogs have a reputation for being the best, not just as guard dogs but also family friendly canines, a factor you may deem important when choosing your protective pet.

Still, these are only suggestions so if you prefer a great hunting dog, like a loyal Labrador or a good old Golden Retriever then go get one and start training it. You may also want to consider getting a Hound or other good hunting dog since wilderness survival is not an easy way of life and the best guard dogs are not necessarily great hunters.

However, if you like a Husky, you need to realize that while it will make a great family and companion dog, it won't be a guard dog. Not only that, but if you have small livestock like fowl or rabbits, a Husky and other non-guard dogs may be a liability, since they not only tend to be prey-driven, but will give an intruder the family jewels if they toss 'em a bone.

Selecting the best guard dogs for you, your family and your situation, or that which you predict is going to happen, is something you should give a lot of thought to, as the right canine could save your life. By the same token, the wrong dog could prove harmful, give you the wrong sense of security or take the very food from your mouth.

Do your research, compare breeds, consider the amount of food it needs to survive, as having another mouth to feed when food is scarce is another challenge and spend time with the puppy before you buy or adopt it. Most people feel a connection with their dog and know it is the right one for them but if you just love dogs and cannot decide, get two!

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