Best Guard Dog Breeds

You need to consider the best guard dog breeds, if you are thinking of adding dogs to your home security plan. Not just any canine is suitable for offering protection; you need to make a selection from the best guarding breeds available.

The first step in making a selection is determining whether you want a watchdog or a guard dog. While many people use the terms interchangeably, they are not the same. The watchdog is one that alerts you to the presence of an intruder by barking, while a guard dog will go further by attacking an intruder.

Some guard dogs will bark as well while others will just attack. Opinions vary as to which animals make up this list, but some factors to help in your decision are:

  • Trainability: If the animal is hard to train, it may not be the best for this type of work. Good guard dogs are trainable, as the animal must be able to recognize threats.
  • Loyalty: This is an important trait for dogs that are also pets.
  • Obedience: You should be able to give commands and have the dog respond.
  • Temperament: Some dog breeds are simply unsuitable for homes with children.

Some of the Best Guard Dog Breeds

Looking intimidating is good when it comes to dogs for this purpose. Large, vicious looking canines will go a long way in deterring intruders. Dogs over 70 pounds serve this purpose very well as not many people will risk coming face-to-face with a dog that big. For any property with lots of land space, the animal needs to be fit and have the ability to run fast. Some of the best guard dog breeds that make just about any list are:

The German Shepherd

This lovable breed packs loyalty, intelligence and protective instincts into one attractive package. If there is one dog that would give its life to protect its owner, it is the German Shepherd. They are a clever breed that is easy to train for any purpose. Their alertness also helps make these dogs good at protection as they easily detect changes in their surroundings.


Not only are they easy to train, they are loyal and protective. They are alert and dependable, and with proper training will respond to commands. The courage and fearless nature of the Rottweiler is part of their allure when it comes to offering protection.

American Bullmastiff

A natural protector, this breed’s protective instinct makes them perfect guard dogs for home and property. This dog is very obedient with the right training, they are loveable and great around children.

Doberman Pinscher

One of the smartest dog breeds, the Doberman is also incredibly fast making them ideal for large properties. They are great as watchdogs and guard dogs and have a natural ability for protection.


These loveable animals are great around children and their protective nature and obedience make them a good choice for guarding the home. Their natural tendency to be distrustful of strangers while being loyal to their owners gives them an advantage as guard dogs.

The Caucasian Shepherd

This breed can strive in various climates, and they are suitable for homes or properties. They can be highly aggressive, which is part of the reason why they make such excellent guard dogs. Their massive size is not only scary to intruders, it works well in an attack.

Pit Bull

This animal has gotten a bad rap over the years, but this reputation is a part of the reason why they are great for keeping intruders away. They are highly trainable and can be very loyal. Many people do not believe that they are a good fit around children.


A true guard dog, these animals are brave and loyal. They are very protective and can ward off intruders with their bark, and will attack to protect their owners. Best of all, these dogs are gentle and good around children.

As the list above shows, the best guard dog breeds are not always large, as many smaller canines are effective protectors. Other dogs that are also good guard dogs are the Akita, and some terriers such as the Staffordshire, and the Giant Schnauzer.

Before you buy a guard dog in your country, check it is firstly not a prohibited breed as you could have the animal confiscated & destroyed and land yourself in hot water. Also training a powerful dog is a must; some liken an unruly aggressive dog in the home, to having a loaded shotgun lying about the place – essentially a disaster waiting to happen.

Knowing all about the best guard dog breeds is an important part of anyone’s home protection plan. For example, if you have children in the home, large and very aggressive breeds while intimidating, may not be the best choice. Having this information makes it a lot easier when you are ready to make a purchase.

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