Best Food Dehydrator - Excalibur, L'Equip and American Harvest Food Dehydrators


Finding the best food dehydrator is not impossible if you are willing to put in some time and do research so you can compare products. You may care more about functionality than price or about flavors mixing as opposed to the amount of food you can dehydrate at one time, though you might also consider the type of warranty, if any, that comes with the appliance you select. To choose your ideal product, you have to know what you want and what you can sacrifice.

High Demand for a Quality Food Dehydrator

If a food dehydrator is really good, your fellow consumers are sure to let you know by purchasing all of the supply, which is exactly what happened with the L’Equip Deluxe Food Dehydrator. Currently on back order, this appliance allows you to evenly dry up to 20 trays of vegetables, meats and fruits by using a powerful, but quiet fan. The uniformity in dehydration is a result of constantly maintaining the temperature you set, whether it is 93 degrees or 158, as a computer system controls this feature and has the ability to run for 24 hours.

On the outside of the dehydrator is a light blocking shell that prevents harmful rays, which minimize nutritional content, from coming in contact with the food inside the appliance. The white or stainless steel exterior of this rectangular appliance, measuring 17x11x10 inches, fits nicely in a small counter corner or when storing it in a cabinet.

If you still do not think this is the best brand food dehydrator, complete with six mesh screens and trays, a user guide and two leather fruit trays, then the fact it comes with a ten-year manufacturer’s warranty is sure to change your mind. One customer had the L’Equip 528 for eight years and used it so much it stopped heating, so it went to the manufacturer for repair and the customer had it shipped back for free within two weeks.

The only reason you might not think this is the best food dehydrator is because of the cost, as the retail price is $120 or more, plus tax and shipping, depending on the vendor from which you make your purchase.

Comparison Shop for the Best Food Dehydrator

It appears that L’Equip has the best food dehydrator on the market and this might be true if you are comfortable with the price and want a computer-controlled heating system. However, you can get an almost equally superior product for around half the price.

American Harvest recently came out with a new dehydrator that has most of the same features as the L’Equip but also some key differences.

Instead of a computer-controlled heating system, American Harvest uses a patented, pressurized air system that releases air across the trays as opposed to directly onto the food, thus creating even heat throughout the dehydrator. Another variation between the two appliances is the difference in temperature settings, as the temperature range is almost the same but L’Equip only lets you set low, medium or high while American Harvest offers you six options.

Lastly, no information about a warranty for the American Harvest dehydrator is available, so if it does not have one comparable to that of its competitor, or any warranty at all, then you might want to do more research and check other customer reviews before making your final decision.

Aside from L’Equip and American Harvest, other manufacturers do carry this type of appliance so to find the best food dehydrator for you, the best thing to do is hunt for your ideal product at a price with which you are comfortable. Still, you cannot truly measure the quality of the dehydrator until you put it to work and make your favorite fruit snacks, jerky or dried vegetables.

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