Best Diesel Generator - Portable Diesel Powered Emergency Generator

Any number of reasons might be encouraging you to research the best diesel generator on the market and just like with anything else, you should purchase a top quality product for your money. A diesel generator is not much different from other generators, as they vary in size, performance, brand, price, function and come in standard or portable models.

To select the best item, you need to identify your specific needs, budget and the features most important to you, such as warranty, weight and run time.

Diesel Power Generator

The first thing you need to know in choosing your diesel generator is the amount of power it must have to fulfill your purpose. For instance, if you want to use the generator as a back up in your home, the wattage on these products ranges from 1,200-17,500, so you have to know the size of your home and determine the necessities that have to run on the generator.

Do you want to use it just to have lights and run the refrigerator or do you prefer to have one that can also power your air conditioner, washer and dryer?

A good starting point, for the wattage and the money, is the Northstar Generator, as it is the best diesel generator if you want diversity. This machine offers a balanced array of features, such as ten horsepower, a two-year warranty, roughly 13 hours of run time and a six and a half gallon tank. All of these appealing factors combine with a 6,500-watt machine for an average price of $3,400, which also buys you a quiet operating system so you can sleep at night and your neighbors do not complain.

If you want the best diesel generator for the job, then Cummins is the way to go, as they are durable, reliable, come in a wide selection of power options and have numerous features to meet most work requirements.

Best Diesel Generator Price

Once you determine the amount of power you need and the purpose for your diesel generator, the next factor to consider is price, since these convenient devices can range from a few hundred dollars to hundreds of thousands. A quiet, powerful generator that not only has a good purchase price but also low maintenance cost is the DuroStar DS7200Q.

At around $1200, depending upon the retailer, sales and discounts, you get an electric start, remote control, silent generator that runs for 12 hours on less than four gallons of fuel and with today’s gas prices, that is a lot of savings.

For the most efficient diesel generator on the job, many recommend Honda, though they do tend to be higher in price. Some customer reviews suggest you cannot afford not to get a Honda and given the long-life span of these products, the initial investment might just be worth it if you do not have to purchase a replacement or do major repairs for ten or more years.

As an alternative, you might buy a Pramac made with a Honda engine, since they have starting prices just under $600, provided you shop around and are aware this is pre-tax.

In general, the best diesel generator is a diesel generator because they last longer and run on less fuel than a regular gas-powered model. The biggest downfalls to a diesel are the pollution and noise, though technology is working to improve these known issues.

Still, if you want the best product for your money, low maintenance and do not want to repeatedly invest in this type of product, then a diesel generator is the best way to power your home or job site for a few hours or a few days.

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