Berkey Water Filter - Big Berkey Tabletop Drip Water Filter System

Having access to a Berkey water filter in the case of an apocalyptic event could mean the difference between life and death. Most forecasted TEOTWAWKI events predict an end to clean running water, through either contamination or lack of power to the water pumps.

In either case, you are going to need to be ready to provide your family with a large supply of clean water. Storing it ahead of time will work for a while, but competition will be fierce and violent for bottled water as time passes, so getting hold of a reliable water filter could save your lives in many ways.

Features of the Berkey Water Filter

While you can get water filters that will fit on the top of bottles or even allow you to strain water into separate containers, a Berkey filter is an all in one container where you put the water in the top and clean fresh water comes out of the bottom. You can get them in all sizes from a personal filter to one that will provide fresh water for a family of six for a few days at a time. The special features of a Berkey filter include:

  • 3,000 gallon life – This is top quality on the water filter market and represents the number of gallons that your Berkey filter can process before it needs replacing. The average person drinks approximately half a gallon a day, so it represents a long-term solution for clean water.
  • Red dye testing – The nature of impurities in water mean that it is incredibly hard to tell if your filter is still working. Each Berkey model allows you to undertake your own red dye testing, which is simply where you add non-toxic red dye to the water supply and note the color of the water that comes out of the other end. This will save you a fortune in expensive water testing kits, which will also eventually run out.
  • Chlorine filters –While you would expect any professional water filter to remove over 99 percent of bacteria and viruses from the water, the Berkey also filters out chlorine to the point where you cannot taste it. This may allow you to access water from pools and ponds if you are struggling to find water from fresh sources.

How It Works

The reason why the Berkey filter cleans so many different impurities from your water is that they use several different water purification techniques. The first is a series of mesh layers with microscopic pores that will trap all bacteria and sediment in the water. These layers overlap so that only trace elements can come through it. The water then flows through a layer of neutralization, which kills any living organisms that have survived to this point. Finally, they then have an ion exchange layer where the magnetic media attracts any metals in the water.


If you have a large number of people to keep hydrated throughout the course of a day, you will need a filter that can process a lot of water effectively and quickly. You will also need additional water for things such as cooking and cleaning. Each Berkey filter system is gravity based and can process up to four gallons of water per hour. You then remove the water from the filter and store it in sterilized containers, so you have more space for the next batch of water.

You do not necessarily need to wait for the apocalypse to be imminent to think about getting hold of a Berkey water filter. They will provide you with months of clean soft water, which could save you money on both bottled water and laundry detergent.

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