Bear Grylls Survival Gear


Part of the reason for the popularity of Bear Grylls survival gear is the quality and excitement of his numerous TV shows and books. He presents a different view of wilderness survival, one where it's not just possible to live off the land but actually easy and enjoyable.

In an apocalyptic scenario, you may not find things as fun or exciting as a weekend camping in the woods but the lessons and equipment that Bear Grylls talks about will make a big difference.

The Signature

When you start shopping, you'll find an incredibly large range of Bear Grylls survival gear with everything from fire starters to t-shirts covered with his signature. The signature is important as it will guarantee that he has seen and tested the product in a survival scenario and would be happy for you to use it.

Most Bear Grylls survival gear is produced by Gerber, who he has teamed up with, one of the market leaders in wilderness protection equipment.

Ready Made Equipment

If you're an experienced camper or know exactly what survival items you're missing, you're sure to find what you need in the Bear Grylls survival gear range. However, if you're just starting out or don't know what you need, you should pick up one of the ready made packs:


This simple eight-piece bag contains everything that you need for your bug out bag for the first day. It includes a knife, fire starter, snare wire for food, a cotton ball that acts as tinder for your fire and a large waterproof bag for your clothes. It is pocket sized and a good purchase to give to all members of your survival party, including any children.


The Ultimate kit is the same size as the Basic, a little heavier and aimed at getting you through the first few days. On top of the Basic equipment, you get a multi tool with knives, tweezers and bottle openers, a wilderness sewing kit, a survival blanket and a fishing kit. A coverall against any situation,  it will give you a good basis upon which to build a bug out bag.


If you have all of your first day survival kit, you should look at the Tool kit. This comes with a miniature LED flashlight, fire starter and heavy duty multi tool, all of which fits into one pocket sized pouch. The multi tool comes with a mini saw, scissors, tweezers, two knives, and needle nose pliers and will be one of the best purchases you'll make.


Whilst Bear Grylls equipment is tried and tested to keep you safe in a survival scenario, what you will gain most from is his expertise and knowledge. Each of the kits mentioned comes with a short survival booklet, but for more in depth techniques and tips, get hold of Living Wild, his survival guide to living and keeping safe in the wilderness.

It's well written and accessible by all ages so you can share it around. It may be worth getting together with your survival party to practice some of the techniques ahead of time so you can see how they work.

The only drawback of buying Bear Grylls survival gear is that you do pay a premium price for the signature gear and for his expertise. On the other hand, it is possible to find similar products for cheaper elsewhere, but there is a certain comfort in knowing that a wilderness expert has designed an item himself or has valued a product enough to put his name on it.

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