Asthma Attack Home Remedy - Natural and Home Asthma Treatments

Making use of an asthma attack home remedy is a healthy, natural way to keep episodes at bay and treat this condition without a high risk of side effects. It is also beneficial to be aware of these treatments in the event you run out of medicine or it is unavailable due to a shortage or some other crisis. By opting for a non-pharmaceutical alternative, you also eliminate the issue of dependency, which is sometimes more mental than physical.


One way to reduce or prevent an asthma attack is by learning to control your breathing. You can do this if you practice different breathing exercises, engage in meditation or learn to keep your breathing even in response to stressors. If you are aware of your triggers, such as heat, allergies or anxiety before an exam, you can avoid an attack by focusing on your breathing, though minimizing the stressors is also a good way to prevent an asthma attack.

Edible Treatments

An old, effective asthma attack home remedy is the consumption of honey three times per day. You can put a teaspoon in your tea, a fresh fruit smoothie, sweeten up a glass of water or drizzle it over your favorite dessert. For an even more effective treatment, add lemon juice and a radish to the honey, cook it for ten minutes over low heat and down a teaspoon each morning.

If you do not like honey or have an allergy, garlic is another beneficial asthma attack home remedy. Simply boil the cloves of one piece of garlic in half a cup of milk, making sure to not let it curdle, then drink up and let your asthma subside. Eating rehydrated raisins, which you can do by simply soaking them in water overnight and then in milk for a half hour, is another edible remedy you may want to try.


In addition to eating or drinking various concoctions, you can also opt to inhale specific scents or steam. If you put caraway seeds into boiling water and then inhale the steam, it helps to treat your asthma. Another asthma attack home remedy is to inhale Eucalyptus oil either through steam, the use of a diffuser or by putting it on an object, then keeping it close to your face. You might also prefer to try this with mustard oil if you do not like the Eucalyptus or find it to be too strong.

Massage as an Asthma Attack Home Remedy

If none of the above remedies interest you, you still have the option of getting a massage, preferably one that uses mustard or Eucalyptus oils. Massages are beneficial because they break up toxins, prevent congestion, and improve blood flow, all of which can contribute to an asthma attack. By taking preventive action, you can promote overall health and avoid asthma attacks.

Preventive Measures

To avoid using remedies in general, minimize the probability that an asthma attack is going to occur, which you can do by following a few simple suggestions. As previously mentioned, avoid triggers, including environmental ones like smog and pollution, do not smoke, or go to establishments that permit smoking, and maintain your overall health. If you wash your hands frequently, you are less likely to get a cold or the flu and when you are out in the cold, cover up your face to avoid irritation to your lungs.

Finding an asthma attack home remedy is simple once you start trying the various options available to see which ones, or combinations thereof, work best for you. It is also important that you stick to the preventive plan given to you by your doctor so that you avoid bringing on asthmatic episodes. By following the advice of your doctor and using these safe, all-natural home remedies, you are sure to minimize the amount of asthma attacks you experience and hopefully, you can completely eliminate them.

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