ASAP Silver Solution

Many people have never heard of ASAP Silver Solution, yet it continues to be the focus of scientific studies. As health supplements go, this is one that is likely to raise a few eyebrows. Many people probably cannot imagine consuming silver to maintain or improve their health.

It is not the only silver product available and sellers will sometimes make bold claims about the efficacy of these items. Understanding the benefits of this product only requires some research, and there is abundant information available.

The use of this precious metal today is merely a continuation of a centuries old trend of utilizing its purity in different ways. Much superstition surrounded this metal, and it played a part in various rituals. Some cultures credit it with the powers to ward off evil spirits.

As the name implies, it is a mixture of silver and water. It is the evolution of the product colloidal silver, the popular treatment for various ailments until the discovery of powerful antibiotics. Since doctors largely embrace ‘modern’ treatments, these mixtures fell out of favor over the years.

Uses of ASAP Silver Solution

Germ infections are common, even in hospitals, and one of the dangers is their ability to evolve. This can quickly render a reliable treatment method obsolete as the germs become resistant. Numerous studies show that this is not a concern with ASAP Silver Solution.

So far, no tests show any germs that are resistant to this special compound. This is true even for bacteria that stymie the most powerful drugs in use today. This is one reason many people make it a part of their survival kit for a variety of emergencies. Aside from this reason, this product is also beneficial for the following reasons:

  • It is an effective method of treating skin infections and fungus
  • It has a long shelf life so you can keep it for years and use it when necessary
  • For many people with sinus problems, it is a safe and easy way to find relief
  • Its low price makes it a cost effective means of dealing with a range of ailments
  • No identifiable instances of toxicity or adverse reactions to using the compound
  • It can combat the effects of dangerous diseases like malaria and it is helpful in treating cases of E. Coli and salmonella poisoning
  • It can be useful in some instances where there is exposure to bio weapons or dangerous toxins
  • It helps to boost the body’s immune system helping it to stave off dangerous infections, and increasing our ability to recover quickly from illness
  • You can use it as a cleaning agent in the home
  • According to some sources, it is ideal when travelling to foreign countries to protect against infection
  • Numerous scientific studies back the claims of its efficacy

ASAP silver solution is safe enough for anyone to take if they follow the dosage instructions of one to three teaspoons daily. Many sources recommend moving the solution around in your mouth for a few minutes before swallowing. The dosage amount can be higher if the person is sick.

The dosage for children - the dosage amount is between a half-teaspoon to one teaspoon up to twice daily. This is enough to provide support for the immune system and to offer some protection against common bacteria and infections.

Where to Buy It

Stores or websites that sell emergency supplies are good places to start your search for ASAP Silver Solution. The product is sufficiently popular as a health supplement, to have a variety of stores offer it for sale. Look also for direct sales by manufacturers since this might help you to get a cheaper price. Emergency Essentials is one good online source of this item. Before buying from any supplier, it might be necessary to do some research to ensure that you are getting the right product.

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