Apocalypse Survival Gear

Apocalypse survival gear can encompass so many things, making it hard to prioritize the items you need to bring in the event of an emergency, especially since transportation limitations are a given and you can only carry so much. Aside from the basic necessities, you may be unsure as to other additional items you might need, like first aid supplies, cookware, tools and shelter. If you need some guidance or want to make sure you are not forgetting anything, read on for more information.


This should be the first item on your list, as a vehicle can carry more supplies, tote injured passengers with ease, get you to safety faster and make day travel to an exchange market simple. The question now is what vehicle is low maintenance, strong, requires no gas or electric, and qualifies as apocalype survival gear. The answer is simple, as all you need is a four passenger bike that rides like a bike but looks and carries like a car, a vehicle known as the Rhoades Car.


Cans, boxes and even some frozen items might last for a while but once you deplete your supply, you are left with nothing. For this reason, you should, if money and land permit, acquire livestock, particularly poultry, have a small herb garden and grow your own fruits, veggies and beans.

If you begin to learn these skills now, you can use them later and if you already have seeds that are starting to sprout, you are closer to having food once your dry goods run out. You should keep in mind that you cannot grow everything so pick hardy types of produce and have one item of each color, like tomato, kale, eggplant, carrots and onions, so you have a variety of nutrients.  

As part of your apocalypse survival gear, you should also take one large pot and one large pan, not a whole set, so you can cook enough food for your whole family and have leftovers. Learning one pot recipes or getting a cookbook for survival purposes is a good idea.

Jars or stainless steel containers, like Klean Kanteens, are good to have for leftovers, as you may travel awhile before you can stop and cook again. Barbeque equipment is beneficial as well because you can cook on an open fire, which also serves to keep you warm, provide light and keep bugs away.


You can build a small house with nothing more than an axe, handsaw, hammer and some nails. It may not have electric, plumbing, heat or other modern amenities but it does separate you from the animals and bad weather. If you have a bike car, a wrench or ratchet set is a good idea, as are olives since they are great for making oil.

A flint is another very useful piece of apocalypse survival gear because it makes lighting a fire much easier than rubbing twigs together since the friction is likely to burn your palms before the wood. Knives, rope, bungee cords, Duct tape and tarp should be on your list as well simply because they serve a variety of purposes and you really just never know when you may need these items.

Apocalypse survival gear consists of such a broad variety of stuff but the thing to remember is that you are better off with a few items and a big assortment than you are with large quantities of only a small amount of survival equipment. Pack smart and travel as light as possible; this is a journey for your survival, not a vacation, though it could be quite an adventure. Prepare yourself, plan ahead, stock supplies, accumulate expensive items over time, and be ready to get out of Dodge if things go south.

Finally – your kit should not consist of lots of goodies from the dollar store. They are cheap for a reason. A few handpicked items might be ok; but your life will be relying on hardy quality equipment that’s going to work no matter what.

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