Adventure Medical Kits Pocket Medic

Owning an Adventure Medical Kits Pocket Medic kit is a great way to make sure that you’re covered for the most common emergencies that you’ll come across in a survival situation. Sometimes you’ll need to go for a short trip to collect more firewood or supplies and you won’t want the hassle of packing up your full medical kit for a half hour walk. For these situations, you’ll want something that has the basics that you can pick up and slip into a pocket.

Ideal for Minor Injuries

The Adventure Medical Kits Pocket Medic is a five-inch square pack that is designed to go into a side pocket or backpack to help you deal with minor injuries. It’s important to deal with these in a survival situation as they can quickly become major traumas if left untreated:

  • Shallow cuts – even the shallowest cut can quickly become infected if it isn’t cleaned out and protected. In an apocalyptic scenario, there may be pollutants in the air that will speed up the rate of infection. Infection spreads quickly in your body meaning that a simple cut on your finger could endanger your whole hand with gangrene within a matter of days.
  • Fevers – fevers are your body’s way of trying to purge itself of toxins and diseases. This means that if you don’t treat them, you’re relying on your body’s weakened immune system to sort everything out. Fevers can also be the sign of a deeper problem such as hypothermia or infection so always need to be taken seriously.
  • Splinters – in your day to day life, splinters are more of an annoyance than life-threatening. However, without the means to remove them, the affected area can become infected quickly as the splinter tears the top layers of skin. In some cases, long splinters can also enter the bloodstream and travel to your heart which can be fatal if left unchecked.


The Adventure Medical Kits Pocket Medic is designed to nip all of these minor injuries in the bud before they become too serious. The Adventure Medical Kits Pocket Medic contains a set list of equipment:

  • 8 bandages – these vary from simple band-aids for small cuts to knuckle and butterfly bandages for wounds on your joints which take longer to heal.
  • Gauze dressing – you’ll need gauze dressing for larger cuts and wounds as you won’t get the same coverage from using two bandages.
  • Ibuprofen – ibuprofen is a great way to boost your body’s resistance to fevers by thinning the blood. It also provides pain relief for cuts and stings.
  • Antiseptic wipes and ointment – this will be your first step when someone comes to you with a wound or a graze. Cleaning it out may sting initially but you can’t afford to let a wound heal over with dirt inside as it will become infected.
  • Tweezers – these can be used to remove splinters from awkward positions as well as to hold bandages in place while you sort out the rest of the care.
  • Moleskin – never underestimate the pain that blisters can cause. Untreated they will slow your party down drastically and can easily become infected when they burst. Moleskin is the best protection as it conforms to the shape of the foot as well as providing protection against bacteria and dirt.

This all comes in a compact and waterproof zip lock bag and at two ounces the Adventure Medical Kits Pocket Medic is the smallest and lightest of its kind on the market. The only things it lacks are gloves, which help to stop contamination of blood borne diseases, and burn cream. Both of these can be bought separately and added to the pack.

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